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Our Board

Our board of directors meet every second month and includes a diverse range of professionals including a retired Health Services Manager,  retired Social Work Team Leader, Employment Law Advisor, Minister, English Teacher, Financial Analyst, Finance Manager, Health Visitor, Charity Manager, Nurse, Recruitment Manager and Charity Fundraiser. They all have strong connections to Drumchapel, most grew up here and 7 still live within the area our service covers. 

There are 7 sub-committees of the Board - Finance & Funding, Fundraising & Communications, Growth Areas, Legal & Governance, Premises, Service delivery & Evaluation and Staff.

"3D is very important to me due to growing up in the local area. It is extremely rewarding to be part of a group who are like-minded in wishing to help local children and families. It is very evident how passionate the team members are - it's inspiring and I know the positive work ethic the team has will ensure that 3D remains a key support for children and families in Drumchapel."

Emma, Health Visitor

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