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SPACE Peer Support

SPACE Peer Support is a monthly group for parents/carers of children with additional support needs. For dates of when we shall be meeting, please contact us direct.

SPACE Peer Support started out with 6 parents, and now has over 20 parents who regularly attend the sessions. The support group goes hand in hand with SENsation – our after school club aimed at children with additional support needs and their families. Due to this, the majority of the parents/carers who attend SPACE, also attend SENsation with their children.

Marion, Senior Family Support Worker had the following to say about SPACE, “It can be daunting walking in to a new space, and a big group but this group is absolutely sensational. They are very welcoming and accept everyone who comes along. It’s amazing because all the parents support and help each other. If someone has a tricky meeting to go to, someone will offer to go with them. If someone has a difficult form to fill out, someone who has already filled it out will offer to help. They are more like a family who go out their way to help one another and it’s amazing to see”.

For more information please contact us on 0141 944 5740 or via email at

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