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SENsation is an after school club for families with children who have additional support needs. 

Children with additional support needs can often find it difficult to attend an after school club without their parents, so we started SENsation – an after school club where children can attend with their families. There is the opportunity for parents/carers to play and engage with their children, and the opportunity for the children to play independently whilst the adults enjoy a hot/cold drink and a sandwich. This gives children the freedom to be with their parent/carer but also the chance to walk away from the table and play with their peers or by themselves.

At SENsation we try and introduce new activities and experiences to the children. All activities are tailored to the children who are in the block. At the end of each session, the children are asked what they would like to do next week, and the activities are based on their answers. A current favourite is the ‘Pedal Go’, Plate Spinning and Arts and Crafts. The children will be asked which arts and crafts they would like to try the following week, as here at 3D we believe in giving children choice, and the opportunity to do what they would like to do. SENsation is not a structured class, as all stations are created to enable children to move freely from place to place. As the class is after school, we believe it is important that they have the freedom to choose where they want to go and when.

Food is served for the children at SENsation, and again this is based on what the children enjoy eating.

Marion, Senior Support Worker, who runs SENsation said the following, "We had a really lovely session yesterday. There were lots of smiles, and engagement but what was really lovely was watching the parents standing back from their child and smiling. They were smiling at what they were watching their child achieve and how happy they were. The children have a great time at the class and always give high-fives as they leave. I love seeing children coming here, who aren't in such a good place from being at school, and being able to turn that around simply by what we offer here at 3D".

One parent said the following about SENsation, “That was a great class. It was amazing being able to see him so happy.”

Another said, “I couldn’t stop smiling. My little boy got through the whole hour of playing and not once was he told off or told he couldn’t do something. He just smiled the whole hour, and is so happy now”.

If you are interested in booking on to the next block of SENsation, please do not hesitate to contact us further on 0141 944 5740 or via email at

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