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Our perinatal family support services support expectant parents from pre-birth through to 1-year post-birth.  Our Perinatal Family Workers attend the local ante-natal clinic each week to meet expectant parents and promote the support and services we offer. This is a crucial time for families to start to build positive family relationships and attachments at the earliest stage. 

Within our perinatal family support programme, we have a wide range of sessions for parents and their baby. The support we offer includes one-to-one support, peer support and parent & child sessions. This includes Mellow Bumps, Baby Massage, Buggy Walks, Baby Beats, Baby Steps, Baby & Me and Family Lunch. We also host the NHS Baby Clinic.

We also have a wide range of classes suitable for parents and their baby. You can see the sessions our perinatal workers offer in our 'Sessions' tab.

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