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There are plenty of ways you can volunteer here at 3D Drumchapel - no matter your age, background or experience. Meet some of our volunteers, and find out what they do.



“I started volunteering with 3D in February 2019. I had attended the ‘Because you’re worth it’ class and after I completed the programme, I felt much more confident in myself. I had always wanted to work with children, and now I had the confidence to do so I thought what better way than to start helping at 3D. 3D means a lot to me. Even though I am a volunteer here, I come along to the Mums Night and Peer Support Groups. I always have things to do thanks to 3D. It’s just a very good place to come too. It helps with your self-confidence and gives you lots of different opportunities within the organisation. My favourite moment so far was when I first went out in the forest last year. I hadn’t ever done anything like that before so it was a whole new experience. It’s great being able to meet the families and work with them.  3D does so much for the community and it’s great to be a part of it”.



“I started volunteering here about 10 years ago, however I had been coming to 3D with my own kids for about 10 years before that. All of my children have additional needs and I just thought it was time to give something back. 3D really means the world to me. The staff are lovely. They are so approachable, and make you feel comfortable and at ease. They don’t judge you. My favourite thing about being a volunteer is meeting the families and putting a smile on the children’s faces. I would say to everyone to come along to 3D as it’s a fantastic place, and you will be able to relax, and enjoy the sessions. For all the mums who are new to sessions, I would recommend coming along to Mums night as its great fun and you can meet some of the other mums who come to sessions too”.

Interested in Volunteering with us? Get in touch by contacting us on 0141 944 5740, or via Alternatively you can contact us by completing the Volunteer Enquiry Form.

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