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Little Forest Folk

Little Forest Folk is an active play session for parents and children aged 2 - 5 years old, to engage with each other in an exciting outdoor setting.

Every week is different. The same equipment is used which may be a hammock, swing, target practise or even balance ropes, however every week has a different fun activity for children and their families to take part in. Some of the fun activities can include making a bug hotel, where children find their own bugs and make a hotel for them to live in! It could be decorating sticks, making funny faces on leaves, scavenger hunts or toasting toast over the fire. Every activity is aimed at getting children more comfortable within the outdoor environment - and don't worry if your child doesn't like getting dirty, once their confidence grows they will soon be more than happy to play in the mud and playing with the different textures in the forest! Recently the children made a bug hotel, and enjoyed touching the mud, feeling the leaves and even touching worms! They enjoyed feeling all the different textures and using all their senses. 

Our Little Forest Folk session is to help get children ready for a different sort of play. We are preparing them for outdoor play which is completely different from indoor play. It is also much easier for some children to feel relaxed when they are in an outdoor setting, especially for children with additional needs. Outdoor play does not have the same constraints that indoor play does. We also teach children how to care for the forest and land, so after snack time everyone helps tidy up or put in the bin as to not leave anything that could harm the deer or any other animal - after all, it is their land too!


If you are interested in finding out more or taking part in this wonderful play session, then please contact us on 0141 944 5740 to reserve a place or via

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