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Coffee Morning/Afternoon Tea:

Grab a group of friends and organise a coffee morning with a yummy cake or even afternoon tea!

Pub Quiz:

Ask your local pub if they would let you host a pub quiz and all ask guests for a donation to take part.

Donate To Us:

Make a one off donation - You can donate via Just Giving or by bank transfer.

Find more information here.


By shopping via Amazon Smile and selecting 3DDrumchapel as your chosen charity, Amazon will pay a percentage of your total bill to us at no extra cost to you!

Regular Giving:

Make a commitment to make a regular donation - You can donate via Just Giving or by bank transfer.

Find more information here.

Donate to Bairn Necessities:

If you are having a clear out please remember bairn necessities is always in need of donations. We can even sell new and like-new items to help raise funds.

Find more information here.

EBAY Auction:

Got any clothes or items that you want to sell? Why not fundraise for us by donating a percentage, or all, of the sale price?

Murder Mystery Evening:

Host your own murder mystery from your own home and charge friends to take part.

Charity Ball:

Holding a charity ball is a great and fun way to raise funds.

Sell Your Skills:

What are you really good at? Share your talent, and ask for a donation in return. Maybe you are good at face painting or manicures? Or even DIY or gardening?

Give It Up:

Could you give up chocolate or make up? Maybe crisps? Set a time to give it up for and ask friends and family to sponsor you.

Chest or Leg Waxing (Or Both!):

An easy and simple way to fundraise! 

Shave/Dye Your Hair:

Have fun and change your look whilst raising funds.

Celebration Donation:

Whether its your birthday, wedding, anniversary you could ask your friends and family to make a donation instead of giving a gift.

Games Night:

Organise a night with some classic games for your friends and family. If playing monopoly you could charge people to get out of jail, or if buckaroo bucks, you pay £1.00?

Walk the Kiltwalk:

Every year the kiltwalk runs and you are able to walk either 6, 15 or 23 miles. Could you walk for 3D?

Take The Bike:

Instead of driving or taking public transport, why not cycle to work and donate the money saved? 

Beat The Record:

Have a look at the World Records and see if there is something you think you could beat!

Get Crafty:

Why not knit something or make something and sell it?

Halloween Pumpkin Carving:

Invite everyone to bring their own pumpkin and hold a pumpkin-carving competition. Ask for a small fee for everyone who enters the competition and offer a small prize for the winner!

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