Due to the current covid pandemic, we have had to alter our services to accommodate for the current restrictions and to ensure that our children, families, staff and volunteers are kept safe. Our focus remains on the needs of our children and families. We have redesigned our service delivery model to continue our communication and connection so we could respond to needs within the restrictions and limitations imposed by lockdown. Support we are currently able to provide during the pandemic includes:

  • Regular phone calls providing check-ins and emotional support. These phone calls are proving to be incredibly valuable both to us in maintaining and building relationships with our families and also to our families.

  • Sourcing and distributing food supplies, nappies, art & craft supplies, food vouchers and wellbeing packs to families who need this.

  • Facilitating on-line parent & child sessions including: family disco, Baby Beats, Baby Massage, on-line peer support groups including our regular Mums night, 1-1 on-line family sessions.

  • Signposting to other supports and services as required. 


Whilst some restrictions were lifted, we were also able to:

  • Deliver hot meals each day supplied locally to families every lunchtime Monday – Friday.

  • Operate our Bairn Necessities per-loved children’s goods and clothing bank to redistribute these goods to families who need it.

  • Facilitate doorstep visits to families who need this.

  • Facilitate outdoor play sessions and walks in family groups or small groups. 


We have also provided:

  • Daily bedtime story on Facebook read by various members of our team to provide a familiar face

  • Daily activity ideas on Facebook for families to try at home including ideas for arts & crafts, recipes, outdoor and indoor activities.

  • We have also created videos for our families. 


Our services remain responsive to the current situation based on family needs and restrictions. Please keep up-to-date with our services as this changes through our website and social media pages. 


Please remember we are here for our children and families throughout this difficult time and we are here to help in any we can. Please email or phone us anytime  or drop us a message on Facebook or twitter and someone will get back to you as soon as we can.