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'Because You're Worth It' is a confidence building peer group programme that aims to tackle issues, promoting confidence and self-esteem through goal setting, family relationships, affirmation and group and personal activities. It is about giving people who do not believe they are worth it, a safe space to come and learn strategies and tools to help realise that they are worth it - they do have talents and skills, and we help them realise that they are a good parent. We also give them the tools to help manage stress, because being a parent is stressful. 'Because You're Worth It' is aimed at parents. Its about showing them how many skills they already have. Even before they have taken their child to school in the morning, they have already completed so many tasks and used different skills, and through out programme we help them see this.

When asked at the end of the final session what they have taken away from this course, one parent said they felt "confident", "had self belief", "positive" and "resilient" and had finally "gave myself more credit for my strengths and to stop focusing on the negatives."


Another parent said, "I am now able to take my toddler to new activities in the local community. Before this course, I was too anxious to do this. I was previously attending 3D Drumchapel with my peri-natal mental health support worker - last week i was discharged for their services for the first time in six months. Thank you for helping me. I can always do more than i give myself credit for. I can now say to myself 'You've got this!', and to others recovery is possible, life starts now". 

If you are interested in reserving a place on the next block of 'Because You're Worth It', please do not hesitate to contact us further by contacting us on 0141 944 5740 or via email at

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