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Please note, this session is not currently able to run due to current restrictions in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Baby Steps is a 6 week programme aimed at promoting bonding, attachment, and developing - all while having lots of fun!

This programme is suitable for babies aged 6 months to 1 year old and is based on the Five to Thrive methodology. The 5 key activities within Five to Thrive are: Respond, Cuddle, Relax, Play & Talk. For example:


  • Everyone takes time to learn how their baby communicates. 

  • Crying doesn't always mean your baby is 'upset'. It is the only noise they know how to make to get your attention - they could even be singing or talking to you!

  • When your baby has your full attention, their whole brain is working. When you are watching TV, texting or talking on the phone, they don't get the benefit.

  • Help your baby to see something if they show you they want to look at it.


  • Some very young babies (especially those that are small at birth) may sleep too much - gentle stroking or touching their fingers can encourage them to wake and to feed.

  • Cuddle your baby as often as you like - babies can never have too many cuddles!

  • Use gentle circular rubbing of the stomach to help a baby with wind or constipation.

  • As well as cuddling, it is good for you to put your baby down to experience some quiet time - this is the start of learning how to be independent. 


  • A baby that has become over-tired and over stimulated may need particular help to wind down. A close cuddle, rhythmic rocking and persistent 'Ssh-ing' in a dark environment will sometimes 'reset' an over-stimulated baby brain.

  • Sing or hum if you or your baby are getting stressed - this will help your relax and is very soothing for your baby.

  • Try to end exciting play or activity sessions with a wind-down time in which you and your baby can enjoy a few moments of calm.

  • Find some of your own time to do special things that help you relax - you have to look after yourself if you want to look after your baby.


  • Explore shapes, colours and textures with your child. You could look at picture books together, or make simple toys and pictures with pens, paper and fabric.

  • Play works best when you are on the same level as your child, either on the floor together or sitting at the table.

  • Try to spend time outside when you can. The outside world is full of interesting, exciting things for your baby and being able to look across long distances is very important in helping develop their vision.

  • As your child grows older they will need more time to play by themselves - but dont worry, they will always love spending time and playing with you!


  • Start by copying your baby's sounds and generating new ones (from 'Ma ma ma' to 'Ga ga ga').

  • Use as many rhymes, poems or songs you can - to your baby you are the worlds greatest singer!

  • Keep your 'sharp' voice for when you are warning your baby about something dangerous.

  • Talk to your baby about what they are experiencing. "Can you feel the soft toy?", "Did you see the cat?"

  • Give a running commentary on your own life telling your baby about what colours you see, couting the steps you are taking or even reading your shopping list!

Booking is required for this programme so please contact us on 0141 944 5740 or via to reserve a space or for more information.

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