Please note, due to current restrictions we are only offering this class via ZOOM.

7 week course for parents and their babies aged 6 weeks to 6 months, to participate in infant massage, meet other parents and learn about baby development.


There are numerous benefits of baby massage which can include:

For your baby

  • Helping your baby to feel securely attached

  • Reduced crying and emotional distress

  • Increased levels of relaxation and longer sleep

  • Development of body awareness and coordination

  • Relief from wind, colic, constipation and teething discomfort

For you

  • Feeling closer to your baby

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of your baby's behaviour, crying and body language

  • Providing an enjoyable opportunity to spend one-to-one time with your baby

  • Feeling the relaxing effects of giving your baby a massage

  • Increased confidence in your ability to care for and nurture your baby

  • Learning a life-long parenting skill

  • Meeting new parents and building new friendships.

For further information and to reserve your place, please contact us on 0141 944 5740 or via

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