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The purpose of '3D Raise' is to raise awareness of the services, sessions and support we offer along with raising funds to support our work.

The activities are:

W/C 7th June - The Scavenger Hunt: We are challenging families to go and explore their local woods/park and find supplies to create a picture with. It could be flowers, twigs, acorns - anything! 

14th June - Buggy Walk. We will have two groups setting off in the morning, doing continuous laps around Drumchapel Park for 1 hour, with a play in the park after. This is open to any families in Drumchapel, Knightswood & Yoker, and the option of sponsorship is optional.

W/C 21st June - Silly Hair Challenge: We are challenging families to create a funny face from paper or cardboard, and go and find some silly hair at their local park/woods. 

W/C 28th June - Similar to our buggy walk, however this is not an organised event. We are challenging families to organise their own fun run around the local park/area - can you walk, jog or run for 1 hour?!

For more details on each activity, please visit our Facebook page. If you are interested in fundraising for us, or would like more information about how to get involved, please contact us on 0141 944 5740, or via 'Lets Chat'.

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